John Holcroft studied Graphic Design in the 1990s but he decided to work in illustration and has been doing it ever since. This artist is a freelance illustrator ; he produces some illustrations for magazines and books.

John uses social media to promote his illustrations to attract potential clients like editors of magazines in various genres : business, finance, politics, lifestyle, education and medicine. « Creating a promotional show piece gives me the freedom to come up with something great that will resonate with people and be remembered. » he tells us.

On his Instagram account, we can discover then all his creations which make think us about life and our relation to life. Man-matches, social media icons on a trash, a Twitter-perfusion or a happiness kit to build… « Whether I’m right or wrong, my work is sending a message. » Produce provoking images to change the mind of people ? Absolutely as he said : « Although I don’t think we can change the world, I believe that over time we can change views and mindsets. »