Winter is now behind us, which does not prevent us from plunging back into the comfort and sweetness of Scandinavian life. We invite you to discover the illustrations of the Swedish artist Jeff Östberg. He paints scenes of daily life indoors and outdoors, when the winter months are longest and everyone waits for the sun to be more present. The perfect moments to enjoy the sweetness of a Fjord.

In nature, in the middle of the city or in the comfort of a cozy bed, Jeff Östberg represents in a few strokes the simple moments that can be experienced by each one of us: an evening surrounded by nature around a campfire , with the bears as spectators, or to admire the snow-covered landscapes from a terrace or to sip a warm drink in a bar to escape the winter cold.

The illustrator from the small town of Kramfors, a graduate of the Konstfack School of Art offers moments of poetry filled with details as our eye marveled course with delight. We imagine in these interiors and outdoor settings to enjoy the sweetness that life can offer us when we take the time to enjoy simple moments.

In a few colors and some fine lines, Jeff Östberg manages to transport us into his universe that perfectly depicts the sweetness of life that reigns in Sweden and Scandinavia. Illustrations to contemplate while tasting a Fjord.