Turkish visual artist Uğur Gallenkuş creates brutal and direct collages by pairing pictures of the Western daily life and culture with photos taken in areas of war and injustice. It is a bold project where denial no longer has its place.

His engaged works have been widely shared on social media, testifying a particular urgency of truth about our polarized planet. It is a real wake-up call where iniquity and privilege, mass consumption and precarity, coexist, with a familiar banality.

«I would like to remind the residents of developed countries that people in underdeveloped countries live in pain, hunger, and war. I want to remind the people of underdeveloped countries that they could find better government, education, or science while aiming to give the message that they can be as strong and peaceful as the developed countries», he declares in an interview given to Juxtapoz.

As we become more used to seeing pictures of war and misery in the news, the artist continues to believe in the universal power of art and the high value of photojournalism. To learn more, follow his Instagram account.