Kameliya Schneider, nicknamed « Kemi », is an artist who is born in Bulgaria. She moved to Germany and studied Graphic Design at the age of 24. She currently lives in Germany and works as a graphic designer.

Although she has been always interested in Arts, she discovered her passion for surreal digital art two years ago. Since, she hasn’t stopped creating aesthetic art with artificial worlds or alternate realities. She posts all of them on her Instagram account named « limitlessmindgames ».

« I love surrealism because it helps me to bend reality, break concepts and go beyond mind limitations. », she tells us. « I’ve always enjoyed escaping to a utopian world, somewhere only your imagination will hold you back. »

Four of her creations have been chosen to appear on the facade of the building of online event sales company, in Saint-Denis, near Paris, every month for one day until October (17th of July, 5th of August, 5th of September and 5th of October). An another way to discover her surreal and fantastic art if you pass in the corner…