« For me, drawing has always been a method of exploring the self and greater world », reveals Josh Sessoms. The self-taught artist offers unique paintings mixed with mystery, a spiritual tone, ritualistic symbolism and thematic cultural narratives, influenced by films and music. « In recent years I have incorporated both African and Caribbean symbolic elements into my artwork. There is a distinct West African influence throughout the Caribbean which suggests a congruent historical and cultural dialogue between the two regions. Many of my drawings are homages to African deities, ceremonial and ritualistic traditions while others include aspects of historical narratives and divination ».

« My family is from the Caribbean region of Guyana, South America. Extended family members are from the Carribean islands of Barbados, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Trinidad. There are many enduring cultural traditions we have inherited from herbal remedies and recipes to language, spirituality and ceremonial rituals ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @joshsessoms