« I love everything about nature, how complex and beautiful it is », says Andrea Philippon. The Swiss 3D graphic and motion designer offers here a magical 3D series called « nature experiments », inspired by nature. « I wanted to experiment new tools and try to catch the beauty of simple leaves, flowers and all the details of what high resolution texture can give. To show that even a simple leaf can be amazingly beautiful. I also found my inspiration in new tools that provides me enough power to easily play with assets in a 3D world and continue creating stuff ».

« I’ve always made creative works, even as a young boy. I always loved to sculpt argile, paint, draw and create things. In this particular field of 3D illustrations and animation, I decided to create personal creative projects when I realized that the only way to progress in it was to create… whatever the result would be. At least you keep trying to push your limits and learn a lot of things on the way »

Found more about his art work on his Instagram page : @andrea_philippon