Dmitri Aske is a Russian, Muscovite artist who began his career as a consultant in 2000 before moving on to graphic design and illustration. Although he has also made murals and sculptures, his works here are made of multilayer plywood. Those consists of lots of separate details. Colorful creations inspired by « art from different periods of human history. I’m also inspired by books and lectures on a varied number of subjects because they make my worldview more multifaceted and complex », says he. Dmitri uses his art as a way of thinking about the problems of our modern society. Through his works he wants «  people to get a glimpse of something different from their usual perception of everyday life ».

« It’s crucial that my work has many layers of meaning so that everyone can find something that they can relate to. I use a vibrant graphic language, consonant with today visual culture, and it helps me speak to a broad audience », says he.