Daria Aksenova uses her talent in the manner of a magician or a storyteller. Her power? To recreate on paper and through illustrations, a central emotion which she exteriorizes in her works. From this dream, the artist conducts research on the folklore, myths, and symbolism of objects or beings related to her theme, across different cultures. Especially on how their perception changes throughout history. “I then create multiple visual concepts and resolve them towards final imagery”, she adds. Having a strong preference for working with ink, Daria Aksenova draws each individual element and then cuts it by hand with a scalpel. The different pieces are then suspended against each other until the desired depth is obtained.

« Much of my inspiration arises through a fascination with mythology and folklore. Each piece tells an elaborate story about human behaviors rooted in the human condition such as growth, aspiration, emotion, interpersonal relations, conflict, transformation, and mortality », she confides.