Ottavio Rizzello is an artist from Lille, specialized in colorful drawing with simple curves. When he arrived in Nantes, he decided to study art and illustration at Pivaut School before moving on to AGR, the school of image. He then became artistic director for a clothing brand, Le Cartel Clothing, in Montreal, before returning to Nantes. He practiced modeling from an early age, then, wishing to move from 3D to 2D, began drawing at the age of 12. This passion becomes really important when he arrives at high school, where he regularly practices his art as part of his studies in applied arts.
Some of his works are also characterized by their antinomic aspect: illustrations for children merged with themes intended for an informed public. Leaving his imagination feeling free, and wishing above all to have fun and amuse others, the artist doesn’t give himself any limits when carrying out his drawings. If a person smiles or laughs in front of his artworks, his goal is reached. The artist also plans future collaborations with Usées Coutumes collective, but also to begin tattooing soon, so if you want to get a tattoo of a roast well tied on your right arm, you know what you need to do!