The awareness of ecological issues that we know is more and more important. It is within this framework that La Villette is offering from December 4 to 8 the show of geographer and director Frédéric Ferrer entitled Borderline (s) investigations.

During this staging, we will discuss the exploration of the borders and limits of the world. The pitch of this show, led by the theater company Vertical Détour, presents a group of researchers come to expose the first conclusions of its work.

Listening to these observations about the state of the world, the limits but also of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, the desertification and the plasticization of the oceans, this public meeting will be dedicated to propose real disruptive solutions. , allowing to rethink the world entirely.

Are these current issues of interest to you? You can book your tickets for this unique show which will take place from December 4th to 8th at 8pm in the Grande Halle de la Villette.