A bit spooky, often mysterious and always intriguing, the collages of Matt Cunningham, who works under the pseudonym of Moon Patrol, draw their sources in the comics, horror films, folklore and pop culture of the 80s and 90s. But it is old times originally revisited the visual artist offers us to contemplate and his works where surrealism and poetry meet.

What inspires him to create? «I enjoy art, but I specifically enjoy illustration and the art of working illustrators. I enjoy how illustrations tell a story and have a narrative – often in the space of only one panel. […] I enjoy making collages because the act of creating something new from pieces of something old makes me happy. While I enjoy commercial art, I always think it’s somewhat of trespass to have no choice but to look at it, so these collages are kind of like my being able to take those images and make them my own», he explains.