Jonathan Ball is an artist that created his own creative agency in Cardiff. Focused on illustration, brand design and animations, he is well known for his « wacky and non-conformist character design, intricate worlds and video graphics ». Inspired by some of his childhood memories, Jonathan made this series called « characters v’s sci-fi », which groups some of his personal work and commercial work. « Growing up in an inner city UK there was always plenty of strange people around, often living in shared occupancy houses in old large victorian terraced streets. I remember walking as a child and looking up at the tall houses, and seeing people sat outside talking. It was always very interesting », he says.

« The monsters and creatures I draw really represent people of all kinds. There used to be a lot of people with “mental” disabilities roaming the streets when I was younger. I had no idea something was wrong with them and just though they where strange people ». People who seem to inspire him into his singular detailed pieces. From spooky funfairs to various monsters, dive into Jonathan Ball’s sci-fi universe.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @pokedstudio.