Electronic music is today a major field of the music scene. On April 2Oth & 21st, the INASOUND festival will see you in Paris, in the prestigious Palais Brongniart. Created and produced by INA, the fall electronic event presents its first edition.

For two days and two nights will be present the pioneers of electronic music, members of the new dance music scene and all the actors who punctuate this scene every day, such as creators, artists, clubbers, start-ups, media and experts.

The event, sponsored by Jean-Michel Jarre, aims to engage precursors and young talents, which is the current scene. The INASOUND festival wishes to highlight the multidisciplinary aspect of the electronic scene, which affects audio, video, web, live performance as well as contemporary art or fashion.

The public will be able to attend many Live and DJ Sets. It will be necessary to count on JB Dunckel and Sara Zinger.

You will also discover the Acousmonium installation composed of 14 speakers, which offer a unique and immersive sound experience. The experience of the Acousmonium will be as much sound as visual thanks to the collective Ascidiacea, which realizes the scenography of the salon of honor, where will be deployed the installation. Many talents will unveil their compositions such as Molecule, Vincent Epplay and Jonathan Fitoussi.

Digital arts will also be in the spotlight. Innovative installations and performances will be presented, showing us all the pieces of audiovisual art that electronic music has invested. Virtual reality, installations between sound and light, and musical show will be on the program.

The visual artist Olivier Ratsi, who uses digital technologies to design hypnotic works, will unveil, for example, an exclusive installation called Continuum.

On Sunday, December 9th, an Electro Brunch will be offered as well as a Kids workshop to come with your children and enjoy the INASOUND family experience.

Everything is there to make INASOUND a must-see event for electronic music and digital arts. All you have to do is get your tickets to come and enjoy this unique event in the exceptional setting of the Palais Brongniart on the 8th and 9th of December. All the details of the programming are on inasound.fr.