Leonardo Betti aka Leonardoworx is an Italian sound designer and motion graphic designer that studied music and new technologies at the Conservatorio L. Cherubini in Florence, Italy. He also did his classes at Ircam and in the Center Pompidou in Paris, where he researched and found his strong and original artwork. Leonardo worked for brands like Armani but also animation studios like Misseri Sturdio, all around the world, from Denmark to New-York and Spain to Italy.

This project called « Rooms » started when he moved from his old house and studio to the new one this summer. « Each pieces show an imaginary room that communicate a sense of quiet, happiness, playful moment in a clean space surrounded by vibrant color combinations. The simplicity in a surreal space. Using a combination of flat design and 3D enhanced by the presence of simple glossy letters ».

« Music inspires me a lot. Any kind of music, from funk to hip hop and 80’s electronic music. I create it myself with my MPC and Synthetisers. I’m also an electronic instruments collector. But I’m also inspired by modern design and architecture like Alvar Aalto buildings or artists like Josef Albers ». Obsessed with typography and color palettes as he says, Leonardo imagines them everywhere, any time. « These letters in the project Rooms, give a sense of humanity presence, of childhood. Even if there’s no human body silhouette in this work ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @leonardoworx.