« Everything can be an inspiration if you know how to use it », says Johnny. Well known as Big Mouth, this Malaysian artist started illustration when he was a kid. « It was like a natural born hobby in my blood », he adds. Inspired by his cousin, an artist himself but also by comics and animé like One Piece and Naruto, Johnny often participated to drawing competition around his hometown during his childhood. In this series called « Isorhymetric », he wanted to work on the way he talks in real life. « In this project I used unrelated random words to create a rhyme with isometric illustration. FMY, rhyme is a word that have the same last sound but different meaning. I love using rhyme when I talk and joke around with my friends. That’s my way to communicate so I wanted to mix it with my drawings to represent my personality ».


« I always love to start everything with sketch of ideas and proceed to drawing in paper to keep the original work value. Then I do everything in digital, from outline to colors. People often ask me why do I double work? It’s because I want to keep the original sketch of each piece of my work and feel the texture of paper with pencil draw on it. At least, that gives me the value of my illustration ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @bigmouth_art.