For over 35 years, Linden Frederick has painted American life, and mostly small-town America. All of that time, or almost, dusk or night has paved the way for his work. About his technique, he specifies “Color theory is the foundation of my painting process. I think harmony and discord together are especially important in paintings set at dusk or night. I use limited palettes and color triads and this controlled use of color enhances and reinforces the content of my paintings, and adds a vital sense of naturalism ».

In his work we easily notice a strong narrative aspect. With Night Stories, the artist makes the connection between stories told visually and the use of written words for a successful match. Fifteen renowned American fiction writers then collaborated with him, each writing a short fictional work (1000- 5000 words), associated with a painting of the exhibition. A real experience and an opportunity to compare our own interpretation with that of the authors.