Cinta Vidal has been drawing since she was a child. She never stopped experimenting. She began as a freelancer in illustration, and she gradually landed in the world of painting; created her own work and traced her recognizable artistic universe. As an architect of the imaginary, without gravity, she opens a door on a oneirism world, realistic and familiar.

“With my constructions, I want to show that we live in a world, but that we live in different ways – playing with everyday objects and spaces […] the inner dimension of each of us does not correspond to the mental structure. of those around us” she explains.

Stimulated by all that surrounds her, Cinta Vidal is always looking for new buildings, new textures, trees etc. Often on a jaunt, she regularly takes a picture of what inspires her to start drawing, her mind filled with new ideas.

To see more : @cinta_vidal