Kota Yamaji is a designer and video director based in Tokyo. Fascinated by computer graphics and video editing techniques, this artist started to make his own artwork and music videos after his graduation from Tama Art University. Inspired by Japanese pop culture, Kota makes colorful, unique and surrealistic visuals of motifs. In this series called « crystal animals », he started by combining some crystals and a whale, « without any reasons », he says. But as the result of this piece was satisfying him, he wanted to do the same with other animals. « I love to work with objects and colors. Crystals have a hard and inorganic form while animals have a soft and organic form. I found that these differences between the two elements made this artwork kind of unique. Futhermore animals and crystals have two different types of beauty. Mixing them is making them even more impressive », he concludes.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @kotayamaji.