Rafaela Mascaro is a designer and artistic director from São Paulo, who also created Studio Grand-Père as an illustration project in 2015. The purpose of this one? Encourage and inspire people to share their creativity around the world through illustration. The project is driven by the desire to extend diversity and exploit it in the best possible way, including the plurality of genres, cultures, classes, and ethnicities.

“My greatest pleasure is helping people and making the world a good place to live.”

Like real slices of a colorful and comfortable universe, Rafaela’s illustrations represent flowers often, something that the artist likes to contemplate on a daily basis. There are always different shapes and colors. For Raphaela, the elegant and joyful female characters embody the power of women and the choices they have in order to become what they want around the world.

Find her illustrations on her Instagram: @studiograndpere