Nicholas Little is a singular artist based in Brooklyn, New-York. Raised in Newton, Massachusetts, he started illustration after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. « I entered the illustration program of the school of visual arts MFA and felt way behind my relatives to my peer as I started. Fortunately, I had Chris Buzelli as a mentor for my thesis project. He taught me a lot about illustration in a very short time  », he says. Inspired by a lot of artists like David Jien, Grace Weaver, Julian Glander, Joohee Yoon but also by 8-bit NES video games and animals. Various sources of inspiration that helped him create his own unique moving images.


« I try to decide on a color palette early in my work. The initial colors that I choose help to determine the secondary components of the image. If I’m using orange, for example, the image can have carrots, goldfish and traffic cones. It’s a very literal approach to illustration, but I think it works for me. I also like to consider how things are going to move before I even start working on the image. This helps to ensure there’s going to be enough variety and interest in the final project. On editorial deadlines, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes an art director might ask me to turn an illustration that was originally commissioned as a motionless image into a .gif, which can also be a fun challenge ! », he adds.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @licknittle.