Vanessa is an artist from New-Caledonia, better known as Gimme Space Design on Instagram. She’s in her 2nd bachelor year in graphic design at the Billy Blue college of design in Sydney. Since the first collage she made in her first semester, a digital and furutistic homework about Sydney, Vanessa never stopped creating. « I immediately loved doing this. Since that day I never stopped and I want to stay in the same style of work », she says. Inspired by everyday life but especially by her favourites movies, this budding artist is in constant creation between her student life and daily jobs.

« When I have an idea coming to my mind, I write it quickly in my notes on my phone, so I won’t forget it. Then when I have free time, I start looking for images and I assemble them with Photoshop. The finished editing never looks like what I had in mind in the beginning. I always change my mind about the colors or the images during the process. It can take me an hour or four hours, I never really have the notion of time in these moments ! But I’m always happy with the end results », she adds.