« I always knew I wanted to be an artist », says Laura Bifano. This illustrator living in Canada was firstly inspired by video games. « I spent most of my formative years playing them », she reveals. But her recent moves to a city with « large, vibrant outdoor culture and world-class hiking and clibing » just 20 minutes away from her home, changed her perspectives. « I think this shift in hobbies prompted a new direction in my work. I was looking for inspiration through books and movies before, now I go on a hike and come back with ideas for almost 20 new paintings », she adds.

Beside her freelance career, Laura is working on and off in a small animation studio in Calgary, Canada since her graduation of the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. « During the first year of the design program we weren’t allowed to even touch a computer. We did everything with cut paper and drafted all our design by hand. That’s where the low poly aspect of my work comes from. It appeals to me because of its elegance and efficiency. This allows me to eliminate all unecessary details and leaving in the important ones. Literrally cutting corners ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @bifanoland.