Bartosz Domiczek is a Polish architect owner of the arch-viz studio, focused on marketing contemporary architecture. « Also a big CG hobbyist » as he says, Bartosz has won the Ronen Bekerman’s cabin 3d challenge and became nominated for 2018 CG Awards with his full CGI monoliths and landscapes. « The goal was to visualize the prefab cabin in a location of choice. My design is placed in Icelandic Thosmörk and I made several different scenes to show various aspects of the place, from quite barren hills to thick woody areas. The cabin themselves are formed as white ephemeral monoliths, contrasting with the organic surrounding and being something between the reminiscence of the ancient dwelling built around the fireplace and the idea of Nordic gods standing in the row on a mountain ridge », he adds. A singular project mixing architecture and numeric arts brilliantly.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @bartoszdomiczek.