Jesper Lindborg is a Swedish motion designer and art director based in London. In this project « Exploration N°01- Plastic », the artist offers a detailed work about plastic waste and its impact on oceans and sea life. « The initial idea was not necessarly to raise awareness but rather a personal challenge to manifest plastic in a natural and realistic way. It’s an object that is very commonly used but often considered quite plain. It actually has a lot of details and a unique way of moving. As my work progresses, I decided to develop it into more of an awareness piece », he says.

« I tried to use weightlessness in the movement to mimic how plastic would react underwater and then using constraining objects like rope. This was a choice to metaphorically illustrate having a chokehold on the environment, but also quite literally drawing a parallel to the chocking of sea mammals », he adds.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page :