The french artist known for his installations in movement imagines in this series a route of installation in the western American deserts. From Joshua Tree to the Arizona and the Nevada, every creation here is made to melt in the landscape, hidden in the nature. « I have imagined these installations like hallucinations, mirages and appearances. They are the pretext to discover or rediscover these impressive landcapes, which seems virgin of humanity, wild », he says. A work that plays with the environment thanks to the lightening intensity, dry grounds and armoured vegetation, hostile and skated by the sun.      « The starting point is a place, an environment. The inspiration comes with it », he adds. By using games of reflection, contrasts, small vibrations and slow motion, Vincent Leroy continues his cherished and signature work with movement.

« This work is a punctuation in a complete and strong environment to make us look differently at these places of infinite delight. I wanted to make these creations discret, hidden by a reflection almost in camouflage. The contrast is made by the human that was there, as the intermediate between nature and artificial objects »