This digital art confections made by the Italian Cristian Girotto looks so real they look like pictures. The 3D artist who’s often making food-related art transforms here candy into guns, knives, bombs, machine guns, molotov cocktails and other lethal weapons. « This project is of course, a bit politically driven but i don’t want to give any specific interpretation to the public. Some people told me they see the concept that you can nowadays have weapons as easy as you can have candy, others ones told me they see the idea of what we give to eat to our children is bad. Any other signification can be seen and i’m totally okay with it », says Cristian.

A project that wasn’t completely decided from the beginning he added. « 3D art is something that you can’t really sketch and go on like you were drawing, since it requires time to model something, but i sort of do that, and when i find a direction i like, i go towards it and eventually get something out of it that i like ».