The protection of the oceans is a subject that mobilizes minds. More and more associations and organizations are being created around the world to alert public opinion to this cause that has become vital for the preservation of the global ecosystem.

Parley is an environmental organization that brings together the voices of creators, intellectuals, athletes, who are active in their daily lives for the protection of the oceans and address the public locally and internationally. Parley participates in the education and the sensitization of the populations for the preservation of the fauna and the flora present under water and on the littoral.

adidas partnered with Parley in 2015 to design a range of sneakers and sportswear textiles made from plastic waste collected before they reach the oceans and transformed into Parley Ocean Plastic ™.
Pairs of sneakers such as Ultraboost or more recently Deerupt have been unveiled. To produce a pair of Ultraboost, adidas flagship sneakers, you need no less than 11 plastic bottles. Through their joint actions, adidas and Parley thus open the debate on new ways of consuming and send us a strong message: the production of sustainable innovations is possible.

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day, June 8, Parley and adidas are mobilizing in Los Angeles for the oceans. In this beautiful setting, several activities are proposed.

The central event is the #RunForTheOceans operation. This global movement of running aims to raise awareness of the threat of marine pollution by plastics. Between June 8 and July 8, runners are invited to run with the  Runtastic app. No less than 12 races will be organized in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Milan and Shanghai. One dollar is donated to the Parley Ocean Plastic program for every kilometer traveled. A great opportunity to make a gesture for the planet while practicing with pleasure its favorite sport activity. Through this event of great magnitude. Everyone at his level can contribute to this noble cause, from the casual runner to the seasoned runner. In Los Angeles the start will be given Friday, June 8 at 18h local time.

By engaging with Parley, adidas also offers a global voice to all actors who are mobilized on different continents in their daily lives. On the occasion of the World Oceans Day in Los Angeles, meetings with ambassadors of the organization, activists, artists and athletes in communion with the ocean are organized. For example, the South African freediver and founder of the I Am Water Foundation, Hanli Prinsloo will be present alongside Peruvian surfer Gabriel Villarán, artist and skipper Emily Penn and Mike Long, director of operations at Parley. They share their visions that have been forged during their different paths and actions that will inspire many.

In the beautiful setting of Los Angeles, adidas and Parley provide a great opportunity to raise public awareness of the cause of the oceans and gives voice to all actors who are mobilized daily. Coming soon, Fubiz will make you live this event from the inside.