Semplice and Fubiz are teaming up to bring you fresh design portfolio inspiration. Every month, we’ll feature the best design portfolios we see from leading designers, illustrators and artists around the world.

The best design portfolios aren’t just beautiful. They exist to show the work we’ve already done and the work we want to do in the future. The portfolios in this month’s spotlight do it all. Keep reading to see our favorite picks this month and get motivated to build or update your own portfolio.


Johannes Leonardo, a design studio in New York, keeps their portfolio clean and elegant. This allows their website to function like an art gallery, putting their sexy work for clients like Adidas, Alexander Wang and Amazon on display. Johannes Leonardo uses subtle animations and hover effects to add depth to their portfolio without distracting from the actual work.


Taylor’s work is visually compelling on its own, but her case studies take her portfolio to another level. Each project includes a brief project summary explaining the client and project goals, along with a peek into her approach and process.


Much like his work, Sasha’s portfolio takes an avant garde approach. All over the grid with images and illustrations, flashing gifs and fantastical videos for clients like Prada, Sasha’s portfolio draws you into his own little world.

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