Saristi is a young brand from Greece, infusing organic tea blends with original tastes and even more original perspective. With an ethos steeped in Ancient Greek philosophy, Saristi produces creations powered by the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. Each handpicked herbal blend is especially made to activate vibrational remedies that rebalance the mind, body and soul. Their five unique infusions have healing qualities that are released through the warmth of the water – a true form of art!

Each blend is creatively staged with a colourful flatlay, showcasing the active ingredients and emoting a different kind of energy. Saristi highlights herbs used in the different teas in a gourmet way. Every creation is symbolised by an animal and colour creating, a delicious harmony between the sipper and Mother Nature.

Saristi launches its identity in Paris in February 2018 in a colourful and mindful way, allowing tea lovers to experience the real botany of harmony. Saristi was recently awarded by Packaging of the World for their seamless balance between the animal kingdom, inspiring colourful vibrational elements, and their harmonious philosophy.

To discover the delicious Saristi blends for yourself, you can head to or our Fubiz Shop. Follow Saristi on Facebook or Instagram and tag #MySaristiTea and #WithLoveFromGreece while enjoying your favourite blends in your natural habitat for a chance to be featured on their channels. Happy Sipping!