François Peyranne is a French and art director collaborates with Club Med for ten years he imagines creative and inspiring pictures to show all the brand universe. For the « Amazing Artists »project, that we introduced you previously, director reveals us the behind the scenes of this collaboration.

A collaboration that began with a film about the 50th anniversary of Club Med in 2000. François Peyranne got “two enormous boxes full of Club Med history : VHS, photos, films and U-matics. A mine of informations !” The result of his work offers “a huge graphic travel book.

In 2018, he tells a new chapter of the Club Med brand platform « Amazing You » with the « Amazing Artists » project. For this project seven international artists and influencers created “a big creative lab” in the Punta Cana Village. Dans le cadre de ce projet, sept artistes et influenceurs internationaux de la scène digitale ont constitué à ses côtés « un grand laboratoire créatif » dans le Village de Punta Cana. Natalia SethAndrew KuttlerStephen Mcmennamy ,Casey LigonTommy Lundberg, Alina Golovlova and Marylou Faure imagine short video capsules, illustrating Signatures, these services that make a journey at Club Med unforgettable. The main Signature « Where all-inclusive means all-inclusive » is illustrated in a colorful and creative short movie, that we offer you to discover in exclusivity below :


François Peyranne tells us the story of this experience : “That’s an extremely innovative project because it’s different from traditional communication process. There is a real will to let go, of free expression.” By letting the creation enter in the heart of the project, Club Med imagines a unique communication, offering the first role to artists. François Peyranne had a real “role of conductor who create the link between all these talents” and these creations.

That is a real creative challenge that begins by the artist selection in order to “find styles of expressions that are different but complementary, then to begin to create a big puzzle”. By assembling various creative palets, François Peyranne managed to guide artists to get a coherent result. Finding on Club Med Instagram account the first Signatures video capsules!

“Signature N°4: Sports all day, sports everyday”


“Signature N°37: Local gastronomy, French savoir-faire”


“Signature N°58: Happy children make happy parents”


“Signature N°79: Exclusive luxury, exclusively for you”


To imagine these about fifteenth creative videos, artists were reunited in the Punta Cana Village to imagine a “Creative lab composed of a stop motion studio, an experimental lettering place and a print station to create original accessories!” A real artistic paradise enabled to everyone to express his creativity, for a project that François like to summarize in a short sentence : “Power to the makers!”.

The collaboration between Club Med and the director will continue with “graphic movies for new Villages, photographic campaigns in unbelievable places”, and maybe a snow version of “Amazing Artists “!