Seasoned urban explorer, Pierre-Alexis Mulier exalts the city. The photographer who is known on Instagram as ahtlaqdmm is always looking for unsual spaces et surprising points of view. Whether it is in a tunnel, an abandoned construction or on the roof of a building, the young artist plays with colors, captures the light and enhances the urban environment.

Take the time to leave your mark – this #SuperSlowMotion footage was all shot at #960fps by the new #Xperia XZ Premium. Link in bio. #ad @sonyxperia

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In Paris, armed with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, he made this extraordinary video in which in continues to experiment with shapes, colors and volatile matter of smoke grenades. The vibrant colors of the smoke create a stark contrast with the abandoned space in which this visual poem was shot. Thank to the 960 frame per seconds footage of the Motion Eye, the photographer reveals the minuscule movements of the smoke which seems to become tangible. In super slow motion, Pierre-Alexis Mulier offers us a wonderful show suspended in time, symbol of an unseizable beauty and ephemeral purity.