Last part of our artistic review for 2016 after those dedicated to design, advertising or black and white, among others. A selection of the best projects published on Fubiz last year, in which the designers really let their creativity flow, often with a nice touch of humor.

If Brands Logos Had Been Designed by Famous Artists

The Italian graphic designer Francesco Vittorioso had fun imagining what the logos of the most internationally renowned brands would look like if they had been design by famous artists. On the programme: Magritte, Modigliani, Picasso or Van Gogh.

Liquid Brands Logos Series

A very visual project carried out by the photographer Manuel Mittelpunkt and the designer Matthias Grund. Wooden logos were covered with paint and put on rotation. The movement and the projections were immortalized with style.

Creations inspired by Instagram New Logo

In May, Instagram unveiled its brand new logo: more colorful and dynamic than the previous one. A real wave of artistic reactions then followed on the media with the hashtag #Myinstagramlogo. Flower creations, paper art, design and painting on the programme.

The Honest Logos Series by Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz continues his series Honest Logos with brands such as Yahoo, Walmart, Netflix, Häagen-Dazs, Game of Thrones or Burger King.

Famous Sports Logos Illustrated with intricate Patterns

Spider Money recreates logos of famous sportswear brands like Nike, adidas and Puma and adds them a more aesthetic touch with flower ornamentations and arabesques.

Seven Mozilla Logo Redesigns

Four months ago, Mozilla unveiled 7 logos created in collaboration with the British agency Johnson Banks in order to renew its image and its communication. Discover the different prototypes here.

Logos affected by their Products Rebranding Series

With the Italian designer Marco Schembri, the logos of the brands are affected by the use of their product. An inventive project, full of humor and quite revealing in terms of image.

Simple Lines creating Superheroes Logo Design

Let all comics and superheroes fans know: Baboon Creation studio created a series of animated logos paying tribute to the most iconic characters of pop culture.