A view on Fubiz best graphic contents of the week. We discovered refined tattoos by Inez Janiak, poetic and detailed illustration by Guy Shield and the charismatic women of Stefania Tejada, half illustrator half stylist. We then talked about the bold and original artwork of Leon Tarasewicz and Kate Sierzputowski in Poland National Gallery and, last but not least, the hyper cool Tumblr Gluten Free Museum.

Impressive Black and White Sketches Tattoos

Inez Janiak, a polish tattoos maker, creates tattoos similar to pencil drafts. The “imperfect” effect is, on the contrary, a proof of her delicate touch.

Pop and Colorful Illustrations by Guy Shield

Guy Shield creates a poetic and romantic daily life universe thanks to incredibly precise and sensible illustrations, offering a new vision of comics.

Charismatic and Alluring Women in Stefania Tejada Illustrations  

Stefania Tejada, dans sa série Girls and Botanical, shows charismatic and fashionable women by mixing a great talent in fashion-drawing and illustration.

Audacious Artwork in Poland National Gallery Staircase

Leon Tarasewicz and Kate Sierzputowski had fun in splattering vibrant colors everywhere into the all Great Hall Staircase of Polands National Gallery. The artwork is now called “Polish Painting of the 21st Century”.

Gluten Free Famous Artwork

Gluten Free Museum Tumblr offers parody of famous painting or pictures to illustrate the « gluten free » phenomenal. Both fun and subtle, the author compares this famous painting to its light corrected version.