French photographer and street artist Philippe Echaroux was contacted by the chief Almir Narayamoga Surui, from the Surui tribe, in the heart of the Amazonian forest in Brazil, to contribute to the preservation of their environment. This tribe is indeed victim of deforestation to the point that its survival is threatened.

In order to raise awareness among the international community concerning this well-known problem that is too often ignored, Philippe Echaroux decided to create video projections of faces of some members of the tribe on trees. The message is clear: by felling a tree, you highly contribute to the extinction of the local inhabitants. This form of Street Art 2.0 is therefore a great way of expression that is both respectful of the environment and allows to spread a strong message.

For Parisians, photographs of this project will be displayed as part of Paris Photo in Taglialatella Gallery from November 10 to December 15. Meanwhile, you can discover this superb initiative exclusively in photos and in video, right below.