On September 22, the Bastille Opera House hosted the first edition of Fubiz Talks, held together by Fubiz Media and TETRO. For this first event of creation and innovation, 11 speakers unveiled the scenes of their creativity : photographer Theo Gosselin, the illustrator Tyrsa, the studio XTU architects, the director Bruno Aveillan, the choreographer Dimitri Chamblas, Studio H5, visual artist Romain Tardy, filmmakers We Are From LA, director and photographer Mathieu César, illustrator Malika Favre and designer Mathieu Lehanneur. Led by the sparkling Mathilde Serrell, a journalist on France Culture, these 11 conferences were held in a 2:00 p.m to 8 p.m before more than 600 people.

Each speaker, its particularity

One of the important points of this creative day: keep up. The secret ? Stakeholders as talented as different. 11 talks were well shackled. Theo Gosselin, the first speaker to open the ball, unveiled to its wild trips in the heart of the United States provided its valuable film camera. He then referred to his trip to Iceland for the Disconnect collection.

Anouk Legendre XTU the firm has in turn described the famous bio-fronts microalgae conceived and developed by its architects. Then place to  illustrator Tyrsa, who both spoke of the difficulties that project success with clients like Moët & Chandon and Nike, or the steps of his participation in the stunning campaign against hunger achieved via a temporary tattoo on the chest of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The director Bruno Aveillan explained to the public every step of a synthetic images in advertising as complex as “Odyssey” of Cartier. Then he unveiled the mystery object next to him to tell exclusively one of his personal projects around the trip. While he was alone on stage, the choreographer Dimitri Chamblas, accompanied by a musician friend, invited the audience to join him for a dance performance. The goal ? Show emotion with a gesture, a look. A moment of communion among the participants as intense qu’émouvant.

It is they who are behind the success of the famous sneakers Yeezy Boost Adidas, designed by Kanye West: H5 studio spoke about his meeting with the artist, its requirements, technologies employed … A successful and ambitious challenge for Parisian collective.

He managed the feat of linking space, sound and image. Video mapping to the realization of a work as musical as visual as the OX installation, Romain Tardy showed all possible artistic work and audiovisual shaped by a space.

By revealing the rare documents on the “Happy” by Pharrell Williams clip, the duo We are from L.A kept his promise: unlock the secrets of an international location to the Parisian public. Photographer Mathieu César took the baton with its aesthetic exclusively in black and white. An unusual and unique universe binding fashion, women, armor and many more … A dancer even made his entrance on stage to delight the artist after his speech.

Her print series “Kamasutra” has become so successful that Malika Favre wanted to make it live and make it accessible on other media via digital animation. Other projects have enriched his speech came to draw in the personal roots of the illustrator. Finally, to close the day of this first edition, the designer Mathieu Lehanneur spoke design, science and technology with a very poetic way, including its “Tomorrow is another day” sent to patients in palliative care. “When I see something I want everyone to feel an only child in the middle of a big family,” he explained.

Surprises, happenings et final Dj Set 

Surprises, happenings and Dj Set final In the heart of a scenography designed by the artist Benoit Challand and TETRO, magnified by GL events Audiovisual, that place is all the surprises of the day. Introducing with the performance of pianist Mattias Mimoun mashups and rap, electro and pop, through the live of the street artist Jordane Saget -J3 dressing one of the walls of the Opera with arabesques with chalk or portraits of speakers of a single line made by the artist Quibe, both presented by Balibart.

During the intermission or end conferences, the public could also participate in the workshop Yogabook and manipulate the latest tablet 2-in-1 Lenovo. It was also possible for the curious to admire the works of Theo Gosselin exposed in the amphitheater as part of the Disconnect collection  by Fotolia by Adobe.

To finish, the audience was able to appreciate, in the final cocktail provided by Autour des Saveurs, a Dj Set performed on OX, intelligent and sensitive machine music conceived by Romain Tardy for Absolut Company Creation. And yes, the lives of the conference, the Fubiz Talks are experienced in many ways.

And that’s just the beginning. Given such success, teams are already stepping up to the next edition Fubiz Talks # 2!

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A big thank you to all partners without whom this edition would not have been as fabulous : TETRO, Opéra Bastille, Fotolia, The Absolut Company Creation, GL events Audiovisual, Lenovo France, Monet + Associés, Digitick, CB News, Tsugi, Etapes, BalibartINfluencia, Mk2, Autour des Saveurs, CharLi Charger France et FOTOMATE.