For over 40 years, mk2  made dialogued with all other art forms. By September, the return was marked by a series of lectures, in collaboration with Des Mots et Des Arts,  on various major themes: the history of art to that of cinema through the French capital, opera houses around the world, not to mention the most beautiful museums in the world .

Visit the most beautiful museums in the world in a single place

For this last theme is Paul Bernard-NOURAUD, doctor of history and theory of art that will host conferences. Specializing in painting and contemporary photography, he will speak of museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the National Gallery in London or the Uffizi palace Florentine in Florence. No need to take her plane tickets, Mk2 organizing a world tour of the best museums in the world, and this, staying in a single cinema.

This is not finished, this cycle is also an opportunity to revisit the major works in the history of art: Titian to Rembrandt through Goya.

The program includes debates, creative discoveries and numerous bridges between cinema and historic monuments considered the most beautiful in the world.

La galerie des Offices du Palais Florentin. 

National Gallery à Londres.

  Rijks Museum à Amsterdam.  

Metropolitan Museum of Art à New York.