The crew of creatives invited to the Fubiz Talks is still completing. On the 22th of September, the duo We are from L.A. will unveil some components of their success’ recipes.

The studio directed some of the most remarkable video clips of the past years, including the 24-hours long Happy of Pharrel Williams. The French duo composed of Clément Durou and Pierre Dupaquier met in the applied art school ­Olivier-de-Serres. Graduated and hired together by the agency La Chose in 2007, their affinities soon produce some brilliant sparkles. The two men grew up with the same references, the MTV video clips and the 90’s blockbusters (Forrest Gump, Home alone…). This familial spirit, and a certain fascination for the US, is precisely what inspired their name and symbolizes their spirit. WAFLA’s creations are designed to be loved from 7 to 77 years old people.

The serious game started in 2010 when they made a fan clip of Kanye West, entirely made out of gifs. The creation passionates the web and since the partners had successful collaboration with artists Yelle, Cassius and The Shoes. Their strength comes from their ability to appropriate a form and turn it upside down to discover new possibilities. Aside these works of artistic direction, the two friends also create very appreciated ads. Notably, the first Evian ad featuring dancing babies will be remembered as a genius idea. Among others, they received awards from the Young Director Awards and Virgin Radio in 2012.

While waiting for their new creations, you can discover here a selection of their past works and book your tickets here on Digitick.


YELLE, La musique

The Shoes, Cover Your Eyes

Pharell Williams, Happy


Evian, Baby&me

Campagne Air France