Youssef Boubekeur is a French artist who explore illustration with a blue pen in his hand. The lines of the pen is precis and indelible at once. It forces the artist to build with and on his mistakes that he integrates fully in his creation process. Youssef’s drawing are presented in this surprising monochrome of Prussian blue and royal blue, seeming to quiet the hyperrealism and the ultra-precision that characterize them.

This series of portraits half-men half animals is founded on a quote by Paul Valéry : “The man is an animal locked outside of his cage”. It questions deeply the human condition and his animal part, how the infinite liberty we aspire to could be so alienated and hard. We let you discover this portraits gallery of transfigured animals, suddenly taken in their entire humanity.

Fabien Allègre and Guillaume Bloch present the exhibition Seules les traces font rêver – Acte 2 : En dehors de sa cage from the 11st June until the 16th June at 29 Maubourg (75007 Paris).