Designer José Bernabé, based in The Netherlands and whose we talked about many times, comes back with a new series entitled Type, Shapes & Quotes which offers a good dose of typography and quotes related to this art the letter. He confesses that “type is the basic element on graphic communication, that type is the visual translation of the human communication. With our limited alphabet the possibilities are infinite, colors, shapes, lines, sizes”.

“Figures are the most shocking things in the world. The prettiest little squiggles of black looked at in the right light and yet consider the blow they can give you upon the heart.” – H.G. Wells.

“Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.” – Robert Bringhurst.

“If typos are God’s way of keeping a writter humble, plot holes certainly keeps one on their knees.” – E.A. Bucchianeri.

“When typography is on point, words become images.” – Shawn Lukas.

“I can imagine few worse fates than walking around for the rest of one’s life wearing a typo.” – Anne Fadiman.

“Typography is the use of type to advocate, communicate, celebrate, edu- cate, elaborate, illuminate, and disseminate. Along the way, the words and pages become art.” – James Felici.