The Surface Student Creative Contest continues : until the 13th april, vote for your favorite diptych.Waiting for the announce of the big winner, here are 9 amazing illustrations and pictures selected by Fubiz, among the rich and numerous submissions of this contest. And if you want to participate, there are only 10 days left.

By Lebottier.

By Gotteavdjian.

By Paullaffond.

By Chloelepaon.

By Mathisaz.

By Nileliad.

By PyramideBleue.

By Yggoire.

By Mercurian.

The jury : Valentin Adam (graphic & motion designer), David Alvarez (concept artist & illustrateur), Chloé Gassian (photographe de mode), Romain Colin (Fubiz), Marc Jalabert (Microsoft), Michael Chaize (Adobe), Pascale Neveu and Patrick Hermand.

To win : an exhibition of your creation at the Gaité lyrique, 3 Surface Pro 3, 11 subscribes to Adobe Creative Cloud. The students of all arts schools (illustration, fashion, photography, motion design, video…) are invited to participate.