A new year is the promise of new technology advances : to summarize some of the last creations made in this domain, Fubiz presents you its selection of the best 3D printings : among watches, dresses, sculptures, an overview of the most audacious concept and the most complex shapes are to discover through this best-of.

3D Printed Sugar by Sugar Lab.

Flowers Printing by Joshua Harker.

3D Pen Printing In The Air.

3D Printed Chair by Daniel Widrig.

Futuristic Wearables Made With New Materials by Iris Van Herpen.

Touchable Memories by Pirate3D.

Aston Martin 3D Type by Ben Johnston and Mark Simmons.

Chef Speciality 3D Impressions by Leblox.

3D Printed Watches by RvnDSGN.

3D Printed Strvct Shoes by Continuum Fashion.

3D Printed Stones Sculptures by Giuseppe Randazzo.

3D Printed Laces Lamp by Linlin et Pierre-Yves Jacques.

3D Printed Hermit Crab Shell by Aki Inomata.

3D Printed Hats by Gabriela Ligenza.

3D Printing Photo Booth by Spoon and Tamago.

Digital 3D Printed Room by Digital Grotesque.

First 3D Printed Skateboard by Sam Abbott.

World’s First 3D-Printed Book Cover by MakerBot.

3D Type Sculptures Animation by Ben Johnston.

3D Printing Wall Stitch Project by YOY and K’s Design Lab.

3D Explosions by Eyal Gever.

3D Printing Architecture by Digital Grotesque.

3D Printed Letterpress Machines by Stampomatica.

3D Igloo by Emerging Objects.

3D Breaking Lamps by Gässling.

3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures by Maximo Riera.

3D Printed Design for Lumix Cameras by WertelOberfell.

3D Printed Eames by Kevin Spencer.

3D Printed Architecture by Smith Allen Studio.

8 Bits in 3D by Adam Lister et Isaac Budmen.

Film Projection Without Any Film by Julien Maire.

Neurotiq by Sensoree.

Flowing 3D Printed Plastic Dress by Nervous System.

3D Printed Defect Clothes by Noa Raviv.