On the occasion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser’s release, we thought to bring to you the best of the Star Wars universe. Since the release of the first movie directed by George Lucas in 1977, the saga has continued to influence the creative world. From brand to architecture through photography, dozens and dozens of artists were inspired by this series.

Star Wars in Real Life by Thomas Dagg

Star Wars House in Korea by Moon Hoon

Star Wars Lego Invasion in Lyon by Benoît Lapray and Matthieu Latry

Star Wars Design Icons by Filipe Carvalho

The Adventures of Star Wars Figurines in Nature by Zahir Batin

Star Wars Paper Toys by Momot

Star Wars National Football League by John Raya

Star Wars Toys Look Like Real by Vesa Lehtimäki

When Lego Meets Star Wars by Vesa Lehtimäki

Abandoned Star Wars Film Sets by Rä di Martino

Star Wars X-Wing Lego by Lego

Star Wars Mosaics by le Centre des sciences

Star Wars Posters in Silhouette by Travis English

Lego Star Wars by Diego Mourão and Gustavo Dorietto

Volkswagen : The Force by Deutsch Inc

Star Wars Paper : Tatooine by Jeremy Messersmith

Star Wars The Old Republic by Bioware

The Vader Project

Kesha x Star Wars by Teddie Films and Eddie King

Adidas – Star Wars Collection 2010

Star Wars Chess by Brandon Griffith

La vitrine des choses by Cédric Delsaux