For this first best-of of August, Fubiz brought you the most beautiful nature photographs. Nature in all its entirety and in different seasons is photographed from different angles. It is through the photos one can contemplate the most beautiful landscapes sometimes unreal colors and breathtaking environments.

50 Examples of Animal Photography.

We Are Tiny Series by Randy P. Martin.

Photography by Tuane Eggers.

Tiny Silhouettes in Nature by Randy P. Martin.

Surreal Photography with Real Animals by Katerina Plotnikova.

The Biggest Glacier in Iceland by Kate Friend.

Reverse Squares in Nature by Witchoria.

Portraits in Bali by Bella Kotak.

Night Skies in Finland by Mikko Lagerstedt.

Monochromatic Mountains Series by Jakub Polomski.

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap by Toby & Pete.

Lost Hoops Photography by Adrian Skenderovic.

Landscapes in Mirrors by Cody William Smith.

Photography by Julian Calverley.

Invisible Barn by STPMJ.

Into The Wild by Lukas Furlan.

Into the Wild Photography by Jaime Beechum.

In Landscapes Photography by Petros Koublis.

Trip Photography by Hengki Koentjoro.

Photography by Evan James Atwood.

Dreamland Photography by Ildiko Neer.

Double Exposure of Flowers by Lara Kiosses.

Desert Landscape by Richard T. Walker.

Color Study of The Desert Sky Series by Caroline Marie Griffin.

Photography Cody William Smith.

Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver.

Bodies in Nature Photography by Katja Kemnitz.

Animals in Hiding by Caters News.

Abstract Paintings of Oceanic Waves by Samantha Keely Smith.