For the second best-of June, Fubiz brought you the best photos and videos on “Underwater”. Various artists represented in this best of presents this second world full of mystery and discovery that is the ocean through personal points of views.

Kusmi Tea Campaign by Jeremy Charbit.

Portraits of Kids Submerged Underwater by Alix Martinez.

Underwater Photo Contest 2014 Winners by Underwater Photography.

The Sanctuary of Us by Guillaume Néry.

Life-Size Photography of Whales by Bryan Austin.

Dubai Underwater Hotel by Drydocks World et Deep Ocean Technology.

Lost City found Underwater in China.

Underwater Park by Marc Henauer.

Underwater Goddess by Eclumes Studios.

Underwater Photography by Kurt Arrigo.

Manta Underwater Room by Manta society.

Models Underwater Shoot with Whales by Shawn Heinrichs.

Poseidon Undersea Resort.

Underwater Exhibition by Andreas Franke.

Underwater Photography by Cian McKenna.

Underwater River by Anatoly Beloshchin.

Underwater Russian Cave by Vitya Lyagushkin et Bogdana Vashchenko.

Underwater by Howard Schatz.

Underwater Scenes by Alexander Safonov.

Underwater Sculptures by Forlane 6.

Underwater Shooting by Micah Camara.

Underwater Surfers Photography by Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart, Chris Kalima and Durdam Rocherolle.

Water Paintings by Samantha French.