For the second best of the month of May, the team Fubiz brought you the finest works on the theme of “Realistics Paintings.” A colorful palette bringing together the most talented artists to the hyper-realistic painting. Human expressions that appear to be photographs, fruit and lifelike objects: an amazing series of work to discover in the sequel to the best-of.

Amazing Glassy Paintings by Jason de Graaf.

Hyper Realism Art by Simon Hennessey.

Hyper Realistic Paintings by Joshua Suda.

Hyperrealistic Paintings of Women by Yigal Ozeri.

Pastel Icebergs by Zaria Forman.

Photorealistic Paintings by Jantina Peperkamp.

Realistic and Colored Paintings by JKB Fletcher.

Realistic Paintings by William Fisk.

Photorealist Paintings by Bertrand Meniel.

Motion Blur by Horyon Lee.

Paintings by Juan Carlos Manjarrez.

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Jacques Bodin.

Hyperrealism Paintings by Damian Loeb.

Hyper Realistic Paintings of Packages by Yrjo Edelmann.

Celebrities as Neoclassical Paintings by Replace Face.

Hyperealistic Human Body by Omar Ortiz.

Surreal Paintings by Paco Pomet.

Paintings by Leah Yerpe.