The hip-hop dancer performs Kapstand experience of balancing on one hand while photographing before all the most beautiful buildings of Paris. The technique involves stopping the moving body for perfect balance. The vertical line of the body is aligned with the vertical line of the building. Static to discover the wonders of Paris photos.

The Gardens of Versailles.

Columns of Buren.

Falaises d’Étretat, Normandy.

Eiffel Tower.

Millau Viaduct.

Centre Pompidou.

The Louvre.

Sculpture at Les Halles.

Centre Pompidou.

Centre Pompidou.

Arc de Triomphe.

Passage of Grand Cerf.

The Gardens of Versailles.

Musée d’Orsay.

Pantin, Along Ourcq Canal.

The Grande Arche of la Défense.

Grande halle of la Villette.

Pont de Bercy.

Château de Versailles.

Place Igor Stravinsky.

L’église of la Madeleine.

Notre Dame.