Like every year, here are the results of the famous magazine National Geographic has announced the winners of their 2013 Photo Contest. Selected in the respective categories “Places Winner” award “Honorable Mention” or “People Winner”. More images and details after the jump.

‘Honorable Mention’. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (by Stephen De Lisle)

“People Winner’. Fyn, Denmark. (by Cecile Smetana Baudier)

‘Honorable Mention’. Tarifa Beach, Andalucia, Spain. (by Andrew Lever)

‘Honorable Mention’. Tokyo, Japan. (by Yosuke Kashiwakura)

‘Honorable Mention’. New South Wales, Australia. (by Julie Fletcher)

‘Honorable Mention’. Bajakunda, Gambia, West Africa. (by Maurin Bisig)

‘Honorable Mention’. Aarhus, Denmark. (by Cecile Smetana Baudier)

‘Honorable Mention’. Ghent Dampoort Belgium. (by Aurélie Geurts)

‘Places Winner’. Yuanyang, China. (by Adam Tan)

‘Grand-Prize Winner’ and ‘Nature Winner’. Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. (by Paul Souders)

‘Honorable Mention’. Rome, Italy. (by Michele De Punzio)

‘Honorable Mention’. Dhaka, Bangladesh. (by Andrew Biraj)

‘Honorable Mention’. Danube, Hungary. (by Réka Zsimon)