Archives - July 2013


The Pool at Pyne in Bangkok

The Thai landscape agency Trop appropriates the podium of a building of 42 floors in the center of Bangkok. It creates an oasis of relaxation with its swimming pool surrounded by little terraces and vegetation and is framed by a light structure. A great project to discover images.


Underwater River

In the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the photographer Anatoly Beloshchin captures an underwater-hidden river in the bottom of Cenote Angelita. This river is actually a simple reaction between freshwater and salt water, which have a different density and cause this very impressive phenomenon.


Cat House

I-CHI Cat House is an interior designed for humans living there but also for cats. A successful design which offers wide and varied spaces so that the cats can feel at home. Creation of an independent studio based in Taipei Hey! Cheese to discover in the future.

Hong Kong Facades

The Finnish photographer Miemo Penttinen runs through Hong Kong and takes pictures of the colorful facades of the city. It emerges abstract patterns and a variety of buildings of dizzying height where thousands of apartments overlap. A beautiful series of pictures to discover images.


Sound Of Honda

Real tribute to Ayrton Senna during the Grand Prix of Japan in 1989, the latest commercial for Honda recalls his exact movements with the help of hundreds of speakers and lighting. The absence of cars on the Suzuka circuit adds both the strangeness and solemnity to this production.


Freediver Video

Produced and directed by Kitty Bolhoefer & Fridolin Schoepper this great video in black and white invites us to discover the Avant / Garde Diaries the diver William Trubridge sink into the depths of the sea, at the same time explaining with a voice-off the philosophy of the practice of freediving. To discover in the following video.