Archives - February 2013


This is My Court

This is My Court is the name of this video by Jonathan et Josh Bakeron the culture of street basketball in the USA. Perfectly controlled, this black and white creation is a declaration of love to streetball culture to discover in the following video.

Printemps du Cinéma 2013

Spring is coming is the name of this spot directed by François Mael and Yoni Pixo for the operation “Le Printemps du Cinema” 2013 will be held in France from 17th to 19th of March 2013. A beautiful 3D animation signed by Blackmeal to discover in video in the continuation.

Night Wanderers

Colin Legg directed this short video in Australia at the east of Perth on the night of February 16, when the asteroid DA14 came very close to our planet. With his camera, he managed to capture the trace in the sky that the passage of this asteroid caused.

Paper Animal Lights

Maik Perfahl & Wolfgang List have achieved these paper lamps in the shape of animals absolutely beautiful. Starting from a model made in 3D on computer, these creations absolutely beautiful thought by these artists from the collective “Mostlikely” are discovered in result and can be purchased.

Pagan Mapping

Romain Tardy, from the collective AntiVJ, has achieved this superb VJing installation on the facade of the Museum of Archeology in Toulouse, France. Inspired by the Latin term “Paganus” referring to polytheistic or indigenous traditions, this beautiful creation made of enigmatic forms and symbols is to discover in video.

McLaren P1 Supercar

A few days before the international motor show in Geneva of 2013, the British manufacturer McLaren has unveiled its supercar P1. This car design with splendid performances contests speed of the Bugatti Veyron. An exceptional model that will be produced only 375 copies to discover in images.

WWF – Wonder World Fur

On the occasion of 40 years of WWF France, Marcel and Publicis Argentina have designed a campaign imagining the creation of a new line of clothing and accessories based on imaginary animal fur called Wonder World Fur, whose collection is on sale. Very successful shots made ​​by Mark Seliger and two films diverting fashion codes to discover more.