Archives - November 2012


Drop Eco Hotel

Drop Eco Hotel is the name of this concept imagined by In-tenta. Imagined as a hotel room removable, this example of microarchitecture offers a modular structure composed of wood and transparent spherical windows. An environmentally friendly initiative to discover more.

Frank Dog Lamp

Focus on Frank Lamp, this beautiful wooden lamp thought by the studio Pana Objects. Delivered in kit ,this creation reminding of a dog can be modulated and stand different ways to mimic the behavior of an animal. To discover in images in the suite.

Light Emitting Dudes

Light Emitting Dudes is a video made by Frank Sauer that brought the three FreeRunners Jason Paul, Shaun Wood and Anan Anwar in the streets of Bangkok. To add a visual aspect very successful, the costume designer Christina Zahra has equipped them an outfit LED colors, giving a result to be discovered in the future.

Fall in Central Park

Jamie Scott is a lover of nature, but also of the city of New York. The latter chose 15 locations in Central Park and turned twice a week for six months, the gradual emergence of the fall. A wonderful video, where nature, yet in the center of one of the largest cities in the world, is magnified. More in the future.

Skydive Dubai

Focus on this impressive video Skydiving Dubai on the occasion of World Championships to be held for Parachuting the first time in the UAE. Capturing at the RED camera for the promotion of the event which will bring together 800 athletes for events such as Freestyle Skydiving.

Take A Walk

Humanity.TV invites us to discover this beautiful video featuring an 8-month journey through 12 different countries. Showed as if it was only one step, this friendly establishment “Take A Walk” presented on a piece of Passion Pit is to be discovered in the future.

Geometric Sandcastles

The artist Calvin Seibert offers us sandcastles absolutely beautiful. With carefully composed geometric structures, these ephemeral works carried out on the beach are to be found in a series of images in the following

Into The Mind Teaser

Presented by The North Face, Into The Mind is a creation of Sherpas Ciema. This teaser about the different styles of mountain sports brings a mystical aspect with stunning images seeking to illustrate a state between dream and reality. A very successful video to discover in the future.